Sunday, 9 June 2013

Harry Carmean erotic art "coffee drawings"

Harry Carmean first began making overtly erotic drawings around 1986. He called them his "coffee drawings", because he made every morning while having his coffee. We were just married at the time and so I would also draw along with him, with the result that we would get very involved in our drawings and turn out some "doozies". In these drawing sessions various themes were explored such as that of acrobats and harlequins, surrealism, sexy lettering, amazing poses, orgies, etc. These drawings were the source of inspiration for a  series of watercolors and etchings Carmean did in the 1990's. Carmean's erotic drawings show a side of Carmean that had only been hinted at in previous work. For example, it is in these drawings that Carmean's sense of humor becomes evident and he also began experimented with some unusual figure compositions. Some of Carmean's erotic drawings and watercolors are currently for sale at the Poetic Eye Gallery online. None of the explicit images are reproduced here but they can be viewed on ebay and at

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