Saturday, 8 June 2013

About Harry Carmean

This blog is specifically on the artwork of Harry Carmean who is known for his impeccably composed figure paintings which utilize concepts from past masters and which celebrate the human figure. I am his wife and have studied with him since the late 1970's, which has given me an excellent understanding of how he works. Also, there are many people don't know much about Harry Carmean as a person, so this blog will provide you with a better look at the man behind the paintings. For over fifty years, Carmean has indulged himself in his love of the human figure and provide us, his audience, with some of the more spectacular figurative paintings done in this century. No other contemporary artist, to my eye at least, has been able use the art principles with such mastery, variation and depth. While Carmean had a lot of natural talent, he has always maintained that his success was more a matter of him focusing on art ideas longer and harder than most other people were willing to do. He was also lucky to have been able to work with the well known teacher and artist, Lorser Feitelson, whose influence will be discussed at length in a future blog. Carmean's work is currently available exclusively at the Poetic Eye Gallery, his bio is on wikipedia, some video clips of him drawing are up on You Tube, all of which are good references for those seeking more information about him.

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